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Consulting Starts with Core Values

Outside help can be amazing, but only when it acts as a natural extension of your team, executing seamlessly and frictionlessly. What does that take beyond simply being a capable engineer?

Consulting core value of experience


Consulting core value of communication


Consulting core value of collaboration.


Consulting core value of flexibility.


Consulting core value of a bias for action

Bias for Action


Our experts bring decades of technology experience.


Our founder John Eckhardt has been part of four (4) startups, all of them successful. Excelling at multiple roles as product, software, and site reliability engineer, John gained a 360° view of the development process. Now, he can help your team do the same.

A Fractional CTO brings forth equal, if not greater, experience and capability than a full-time Chief Technology Officer (and at a fraction of the salary!)

  • Strengthen your Engineering Team

  • Process Modernization

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP)/ Concept Creation

  • Digital Transformations

  • Cloud Migrations

  • Major Changes with Expert Guidance

John Eckhardt has excelled at roles as product, software, and site reliability engineer.
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BearPeak experts enhance software platforms.


Our experts can enhance the design of your software platformWe'll help you ship your product with high confidence & low risk, all on a short and efficient timeline.

  • CI/CD

  • Automated Testing

  • Design & Code Reviews

  • Cloud Native Architecture

Need to Hire A Specific Skill Set?

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