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Meet our Founder and CTO, John

John brings 20+ years of technology experience to the management ranks. He has lead contributor roles as a product engineer, software engineer in test, and site reliability engineer, delivering code on everything from appliances to software as a service. John's 360° view of the entire development process provides unparalleled perspective in the arena of project design and execution.

And he can help your team do the same.

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What are the benefits of john's cto service?

A Fractional CTO brings forth equal, if not greater, experience and capability than a full-time Chief Technology Officer, and at a fraction of the salary.


John's years of insight and success can help your start-up start up!

Hire John to:


Start your startup with an experienced CTO leading the way

Gain insight into the market your startup is entering, from an experienced CTO's point of view


Strategize and follow in the footsteps of someone who has made both mistakes and successes

Enhance Performance


Avoid overbuilds & the trial-and-error method

Provide oversight of industry market trends


Chart a tangible roadmap, including all the proper documentation and technical write-ups

Reduce operation risks


Build technology and leadership skills that your team will carry forward

Minimize costs

Help create your development plan

Connect you with the right engineering specialists


Python, SRE, and React Engineers can help solve the problems you're unsure how to tackle; John has the resources and experience to bring the right people on board.

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