There’s so much that goes into properly building and operating software as a service - especially if you’re working towards CI/CD and DevOps oriented workflows. Bear Peak can help your team establish best practices or you can outsource much of this to us.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery require high levels discipline and coordination; they also require clear process definition and internal contracts of expectations for each team / member - never mind tooling and automation. Bear Peak can help your team reach this difficult summit.

Deployment & Test Automation

All modern software practices’ trails lead through automation - software to test software, software to deploy software. Whether you’re looking to institute a full-blown CI/CD paradigm or if you’re just hope to shift left as far as possible, you’ll need automation, and Bear Peak has experts to help you.

DevOps as a Service

Ever wish you could just outsource all the CI/CD and Automation and operations headaches to another team, or wish you could hire the right people to work internally with your developers. Bear Peak can work with you in either model, but the end result is the same - it just works!