Success Stories


When the Boulder institution Training Peaks needed help modernizing their data layer, BearPeak was brought in to find the paths forward. After careful consideration, and with full input from multiple stakeholders in the business, a plan was built to migrate all systems to Amazon's RDS.

Along the way, the team optimized multiple data access issues and beat the clock on a particularly dangerous time situation. The project was executed on time, under budget, and TrainingPeaks is setup for decades of future growth.


Ad Fontes Media is tackling the problem of bias in the news and other media. BearPeak has been working for years to help their existing engineering build front-end and back-end applications to capture and display data from analysts. Most recently, BearPeak has assisted in moving all systems from a legacy hosting environment to GCP, as well as driving the architecture and development of a brand new Media Bias Cart 2.0!

We're also helping advance the AI story for Ad Fontes as they work to more predictive tools, based on human-truthed datasets.


When Woven Planet acquired Lyft's autonomous vehicles division, there was a need to migrate years of applications from the prior company's infrastructure to the latter's. Along the way, these applications needed to be integrated with new cloud service providers and tool chains, take security updates, etc. The migration was completed in February of 2022, and BearPeak is still the primary development team for several of these tools / services today.


Zach Harris crafts jewelry from elk ivory, bear claws, turquoise, and more, but wasn't selling online. Zach was matched with a BearPeak graphic designer who designed the brand logo, aesthetic, and website for Zia Mountain Jewelry and Unique Creations. Now, he sells his creations in a streamlined, organized Shopify store. He can mark his inventory changes from wherever he is; the workshop, an art show, or even his couch!