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John Eckhardt

For engineers, by engineers

BearPeak is an engineering-first culture. Our architects and developers love optimizing software systems to live in the cloud, and our leaders are engineers first.

John Eckhardt - BearPeak's founder - has been a part of multiple startups' success stories over his 20+ year career. He and the BearPeak team know what it takes to make a StartUp's engineering team start up. 

Whether you need to maintain a legacy application or create a new service, BearPeak can help guide your cloud native software development project.

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We know how to make the most of a team

We know how to carve up work streams to get the most out of everyone’s unique contributions and locations. We also employ industry-leading engineering standards and practices.


Engage with BearPeak on a system migration or re-design and watch that project team start to operate more efficiently as modern engineering workflows show their effects.


Python Specialists

app development, data analytics, & Automation



JavaScript Engineers


hiring mistakes could cost you precious time

It takes 6 months to recover from the average hiring mistake. Between proper onboarding and on-the-job assessment (1-3 months), building up a pipeline of new candidates (1-4 months), recruiting and closing a candidate (3 weeks), to onboarding a new candidate (3 months).

Getting the best talent can make or break Your STORY

Having the right team in place puts your business on a healthy and formative course. But having even a single missing piece can divert scarce attention.

We’ll find you the right people to help solve your unique set of problems. And we guarantee it!

After a trial period, if you find they don’t fit, we’ll find you someone else who’s a better fit for no extra cost.

Graphic Designers

branding & site design


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