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Ad Fontes Media | Client Testimonial

Meet Vanessa Otero, the Founder and CEO of Ad Fontes Media.

Otero's organization is a media watchdog: It rates sources in terms of their political bias and reliability. She founded Ad Fontes Media to serve as the publisher for the Interactive Media Bias Chart, which requires complex custom software to function. Otero hired BearPeak Technology Group to help her team take the chart to the next level.

You can view Vanessa Otero's client testimonial as a video below, or read on for a written version:

Client Testimonial

What solution did BearPeak provide for your problem?

VO: We were looking for some additional help in all aspects of development: Front-end, back-end, and transitioning some of our software over to the cloud. We would have greater cloud computing needs and better infrastructure, something truly scalable so we could grow.

BearPeak was able to source the right folks, start executing and producing features, like shipping features, within a week. I mean, that’s a really fast turn-around time.

What did BearPeak offer that made their services unique?

VO: John, specifically, has lots of expertise in getting software programs into the cloud, developing pipelines, and the type of processes that you need to make sure that you can continue to build new features and ship them out quickly.

I think one of the things that BearPeak brings to the table is the ability to structure the project and communicate it really well. So, I always had really clear expectations of what was going to happen and when, and who was going to do what. You can’t find that everywhere, you know? Lots of folks have the skills to do software development, but you can’t just throw folks into a room and expect really efficient results, or that everyone’s going to get along, unless you have somebody who really understands interpersonal dynamics and has the technical knowledge.

Would you choose to work with BearPeak in the future?

VO: I’m a repeat customer of BearPeak. It’s really nice to be able to have a company that you can rely on. You know, we worked with them for about a four or five-month sprint last year, and then we were done with the project that they delivered on, right?

Things were going great with our company, and then we found another spot where we really needed to invest some dedicated resources to developing a particular product and putting it out there, and we brought them back. And both times were different. We had different needs of where our software was and where we wanted it to be, and they were able to deliver. I have no doubt that, in the future, as our needs grow, they will be able to come in and step in and fill that role when we need extra talent.

Who would you recommend work with BearPeak?

VO: I would recommend startups that have a need to expand their capabilities work with BearPeak. The ability to find exactly the kind of developer that you’re looking for, that was really helpful to me. I have some technical background, but not experience programming in, you know, any language, let alone multiple languages, and knowing the various different skill levels and the pool of talent that’s available.

Recruiting for software talent is difficult, especially if you’re not sure exactly what you need. Founders are looking to get their software set up correctly on cloud platforms, and implement things like testing and CI/CD where it really enables you to put out features quickly, expand the scale of your offerings with minimal downtime and minimal errors. BearPeak has that expertise. Folks who are looking for sourcing the right talent, cloud computing, BearPeak is definitely the company I would recommend.


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