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BearPeak's Startup Design Studio will bring your ideas to life.

Trusted by companies big & small


Let's go on an expedition to...

Build your MVP as you learn product management.
With BearPeak's guidance, we'll drive you to product launch.

Provide deliverables, not just advice. We're here to supply structure for your product process.

Help you know and find your customer.

Bring your idea to life.

Empower Your Startup Journey

You shouldn't have to give away pieces of your business just to get

started. De-risk your venture and be your own first investor with BearPeak as your guide.

How You'll Conquer the Tech Landscape

Product Design

What problem does your product solve? In this stage, we'll lead you through how to become a customer-focused, product-led, lean startup.

Cross-Platform Solutions

Next, we'll build a website and app for you with intentional design. Let's make your online presence seamlessly intuitive and intriguing.

Data & Scalability

A solid foundation will support your growth. We'll incorporate cloud-native infrastructure and automated deployments using industry-best data & business intelligence.

Bootstrapping = Success

You're putting your skin in the game, demonstrating that your product is viable, and showing you have the motivation to find the right people. These traits look excellent to investors. We'll help get you in front of them and prepare you for that conversation. This is a foundation for initial and future startup success.

Build the right product for the right reason in the right way.

"I can not say enough great things about the people and quality of work at BearPeak. [They] demonstrated their technical expertise, attention to detail, and ability to execute and deliver in tackling the re-platforming of our central data store and conducting a thorough analysis of our storage platforms. These projects took deep technical analysis and collaboration, and BearPeak surpassed our expectations."

Lee Gerakos

President and CTO of TrainingPeaks

Lee Gerakos
  • LinkedIn

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