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2023 Stats on Hiring Programmers Online

There may no longer be cake in the break room, but remote workers are still reporting that they’re happy. From better work-life balance to an interest in more remote and hybrid work, employees in the software development field are open to new possibilities.

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The trend of hiring programmers online spiked with the pandemic, and it doesn’t show signs of returning to in-office anytime soon. It’s become the new norm, so companies around the world are exploring ways to hire and manage talent online.

Whether you're looking to hire or be hired, it's worth exploring the latest stats.

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1. Developers are open to remote work

The first thing to consider is whether developers even want to work this way. If being forced to work from home during the pandemic had caused software developers to miss the office lifestyle, it’d be difficult for businesses to hire remote workers today. But a survey conducted by Stack Overflow (a popular online community for developers) found that over 41% of surveyed developers have kept working fully remote through 2022 and 2023.

The demand for remote work among programmers has stayed strong since the pandemic, making it easier for companies to find qualified candidates who won’t require office accommodations.

2. Dev Shops have moved online

Since the pandemic, the percentage of software developers working remote or hybrid has skyrocketed to over 80%. Stack Overflow's 2023 Developer Survey found that smaller organizations with fewer than 20 employees are more likely to work fully remote, while larger organizations are mostly hybrid. This is important to consider on both ends of employment: The one hiring and the one being hired. Consider where your business fits in with these statistics as well as where you’d like it to fit in the future.

3. The preference for remote vs in-office work is split

A 2023 study by Statista found that 67% of respondents believe the biggest benefit to working remotely is the "flexibility in how to spend [their] time". In close second, the flexibility to choose their work location meant the most to 62%.

It comes as no surprise that remote work allows employees more flexibility. Working around a family life, living in a different time zone, or living a digital nomad lifestyle are more readily available options than ever before.

But there are also downsides to consider: A consistent schedule and a clear separation between work and home helped some employees with consistency and focus. Additionally, socializing with coworkers and feeling a strong sense of team pride is quite different through a computer screen.

4. Soft skills may be more difficult to evaluate

According to a report by LinkedIn, 75% of recruiters face difficulties finding candidates with the right blend of technical and soft skills (such as communication and teamwork). Despite working hundreds of miles apart from one another, soft skills are still vital to team success and can be difficult to evaluate long-distance.

However, new tools such as online coding tests and video interviews are making it easier for recruiters to assess candidates' skills remotely. Employers are also finding creative ways to practice team-building exercises, like video call hangouts and group celebrations.

5. Remote jobs will keep increasing

According to a survey conducted by Upwork (a leading online freelance platform), "78% of hiring managers who engage skilled freelancers are confident in their ability to find the talent they need, compared to just 63% of those who don’t engage freelancers." Plus, "79% of businesses agree that working with independent talent enables their business to be more innovative." This is especially true for the technology industry, where companies increasingly rely on online hiring to find top talent.

Whether you prefer working in-office, hybrid, or fully remote, this recent and sudden shift in employment can’t be ignored. It will be interesting to experience this change and see what happens as a result: less daily pollution from commuters? Office spaces left unused? Teams of people working together for years who’ve never met in person? But remote employees may have better work-life balances and happier experiences at their jobs than ever before; Only time will tell.

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It's important for us to disclose the multiple authors of this blog post: The original outline was written by chat.openai, an exciting new AI language model. The content was then edited and revised by Lindey Hoak.
"OpenAI (2023). ChatGPT. Retrieved from"

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