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FAQ | Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is BearPeak a tech "matchmaking" service?

A: We're more than that - We are your partner. Our clients look at BearPeak as an extension of their engineering team at all levels - Individual Contributor, Leadership / Strategy, and Human Resources.

Q: Are BearPeak candidates BearPeak employees?

A: Sometimes. BearPeak is flexible with our candidates (and clients), engaging with them on whatever basis is best for the individual. Some BearPeak candidates are employees, some are contractors.

Q: What does BearPeak provide beyond the engineer? Any project management support, work tracking/guarantees, etc.?

A: Every engagement (optionally) includes a dedicated "Software Delivery Director" at no additional cost, who ensures timelines are met and quality is high. We guarantee that if you're not happy - for any reason - in the first month (30 calendar days) we will refund our fee.

Q: Are you serious about your money back guarantee?

A: 100%! If you are not completely satisfied in the first month (30 calendar days) of the beginning of your BearPeak engagement, you may - for any reason - request a refund. We will return all fees related to the person who wasn't a fit and work to find you a replacement resource.

Q: What are the strategic advantages of working with BearPeak?

A: Flexibility, outside perspective, supervision, and significantly reduced risk.

Q: What makes BearPeak candidates better than other agencies?

A: BearPeak vets our candidates more deeply than typical agencies. In many cases, our candidates are people we have personal knowledge of; almost referrals.

Q: How do BearPeak prices compare to the market?

A: Comparable to fully burdened FTE salaries, typically. Cheaper than most of our competitors as well, on a margin basis, which means you receive higher-quality resources.

Q: How do you compare contractors to FTEs from a cost perspective?

A: We always look at compensation as a combination of base salary, benefits, bonuses, stock, etc - which we refer to as the "fully burdened" cost of the role. We also assume that only 48 full weeks of any given year are worked, as everyone needs time off.

Q: Are you hiring?

A: We're happy to hear you're interested in joining the BearPeak team! The best place to see our job openings and get notified of new ones is on LinkedIn:

Q: What if my question isn't here in your FAQs?

If your Q isn't an FAQ, let's chat! Visit our contact page to get in touch.

BearPeak Technology Group is a software studio based in Boulder, CO, offering studio, strategy, and staffing services. The startup studio takes ideas from concept to reality. The strategy services range from Fractional CTO mentors to architecture and specialized skillset services. for startups, businesses, and entrepreneurs. The staffing services assist teams in connecting with high-quality software developers. If one of these sounds like the solution for you, get in touch with BearPeak for a free consultation at


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